Will Borax Kill Bed Bugs?

by Hopper Environmental Services on June 27, 2013

Borax, the Miracle Worker  
borax, Hopper EnvironmentalMany people have heard of borax and how effective it is against ants and other insects. That can lead to a lot of ideas and possible misconceptions. Knowing what borax can and cannot do to bed bugs can help you decide whether or not to use it as a tool to rid your home of them.  

It is actually the boric acid in borax that does the damage to insects and bed bugs, and they can be harmed both externally and internally by borax. One of the reasons that borax is so highly touted is because it has been around for years and is also very earth friendly. It is mined directly from the earth and little is done to change it due to its effectiveness for so many things.  

What Can It Do?  
Borax does several different things to bed bugs. Powdered borax acts as an abrasive – it can actually wear away and cut at an insect’s exoskeleton. Bed bugs are the exact same way, so when they crawl through the powder, it will stick to their legs and feet. As they clean themselves, the powder will spread further. Bed bugs need their exoskeletons in order to retain water, so when it wears away, they will actually dehydrate and perish.   

When taken internally, it poisons them. While bed bugs may not actively eat the borax, once again because it gets on their feet and legs, as they clean themselves they will ingest it.  

Will It Take Care of My Problem?  
No. Bed bugs won’t be killed off just by putting down borax. This is because bed bugs aren’t located in one area; in this case, the carpet. You can’t put borax on your mattress, on your walls, or in many of the strange places that bed bugs can and will hide. Borax can be handy in the fight against bed bugs, but, ultimately, you will need other methods in order to rid yourself of the problem.   

Professional help is typically the best option when it comes to a bed bug infestation. They not only have multiple ways of getting rid of bed bugs, but they also have more effective location techniques. They’re well-trained on finding bed bugs and treating the entire room in order to take care of the  issue the first time. They can also come back for subsequent visits to make sure that the situation has not reoccurred.

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